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Who is Caston Binger?

With almost 15 years of hands-on teaching experience, Caston Binger possesses the qualifications needed to promote a school district's philosophy, vision, and goals.


After establishing his career in the Rochester City School District, he now works as a vice principal in Syracuse, NY. Although he has spent many years dedicated to the equitable learning and success of students, he considers himself to be a reflective lifelong learner who is deeply committed to supporting his colleagues, students and their families. This philosophy has enabled him to develop strong communication, interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills, which allows him to cultivate a supportive and collaborative learning environment.


As an administrator, Caston Binger continues to learn about the school community and its dedication and commitment to learning for all students. He is eager to work in a collaborative environment where his passion and enthusiasm for inclusive instruction can make a meaningful impact.


It is Caston Binger's firm belief that the work done in schools has a profound impact on student development, resilience, and, ultimately, their success. His aim is to provide leadership that will foster a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning community that contributes to the academic achievement of all students.

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Caston Binger

Caston Binger


Fun Fact:

Caston Binger is a twin!



2022 - Present

Vice Principal

Syracuse City School District, Porter Elementary School
  • Collaborate with the leadership team on instructional priorities and support with implementation of Project Based Learning (PBL)

  • Supervise and support classroom teachers and staff.

  • Community partnership liaison.

  • Manage Title 1 School Parent and Family Improvement Plan (SPFI).

  • Testing coordinator.

  • Manage and report weekly on attendance for students.

2021 - 2022

Assistant Principal

Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School | Elementary School Leadership Team
  • Supervise and support classroom teachers, social workers, SPED teachers, and paraprofessionals in grades 4-6

  • Collaborate with coordinator of Special Education for all students with disabilities

  • Manage behavior and academic needs for student in grades 4-6.

  • Manage and report weekly on attendance for students grade 4-6.

  • Collaborate with the leadership team on instructional priorities and support with implementation and roll-out to staff.

2020 - 2021

Teacher on Special Assignment

Rochester City School District | School No. 52
  • Collaborated and communicated with parents, teachers, and other staff to promote student achievement and support all students in an equitable manner.

  • Provided guidance and input on our school's Instructional Leadership Team.

  • Facilitated the gathering and organization of student data pertinent to academic growth and achievement gaps.

  • Partnered with teachers to ensure implementation of culturally responsive teaching practices in classroom setting.


Response to Intervention Teacher

Rochester City School District | School No. 52
  • Facilitated small group intervention and enrichment based instruction to meet the academic needs of all students.

  • Led efforts to review student data for progress monitoring.

  • Co-planned and co-facilitated lessons with colleagues.

  • Worked collaboratively with Attendance Team to monitor data trends to reduce chronic absenteeism.


Classroom Teacher (grade 5)

Rochester City School District | School No. 52
  • Created culturally responsive lessons & activities to engage students and foster an optimal learning environment.

  • Planned and implemented lessons in accordance with NY State teaching standards and Common Core curriculum.

  • Delivered equitable instruction to all students while supporting their social-emotional  learning needs.


Classroom Teacher (grade 4)

Rochester City School District | School No. 16
  • Utilized differentiated instruction and research based strategies to meet the academic needs of all students.

  • Structured whole group, small group, and individual instruction to accommodate different learning styles.

  • Created and maintained positive rapport with students/ families from a  range of cultural and diverse backgrounds.


Classroom Teacher (grade 6)

Rochester City School District | School No. 33
  • Collaborated with special education consultant teacher to plan and modify lessons to meet the learning needs of students with IEPs.

  • Utilized various curriculum resources and technologies to enhance student learning.

  • Incorporated teaching and learning strategies for students with learning disabilities in all areas of the curriculum.


Classroom Teacher (grade 6)

  • Compiled reports, memos, agendas, and meeting notes at the building level.

  • Responsible for mailing due process forms and annual review meeting information to parents prior to CSE meetings.

  • Maintained and stored all legal documents such as IEP's and confidential files on all special education students.




Mr. Anibal Soler Jr. 

  • Worked collaboratively to create Batavia 10 Day Equity Journey.

  • Participated in district leadership team discussions and meetings.

  • Created press release intended for school community correspondence.

  • Analyzed current contract agreement and provided recommendations to district leadership.


Dr. Mary Ferguson

  • Supervised after school community events.

  • Managed day to day responsibilities as substitute assistant principal.

  • Supervised all students during scheduled lunch periods.

  • Facilitated grade level staff meetings.

  • Moderated conflict resolution meetings between students.



Caston Binger holds three university degrees: 


Master's Degree

Master's of Science in Educational Leadership 


Master's Degree

Master's of Science, School Administration & Supervision  


Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's of Science, in Elementary Education Pre K - 6



Caston Binger hold three New York State certifications: 


School Building Leader - Initial Certification 


School District Leader - Professional Certificate

NYS Teacher Certificate Pre K - 6 (Permanent) #430157101